A Response to "Movember Moustaches May Hold Hazards", CBC News

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The headline of this article gives the impression that moustaches are dangerous in some way in the general population. However the article does not support that implication in any way. Instead, the article body is essentially a discussion of the dangers inherent in not following microbiology lab best practices.

"That's unless, of course, the moustache-bearer works in close quarters with microbes, as Manuel Barbeito did during his time in the lab. In that case, proper face protection — like a sealed face mask — is probably for the best, Bhardwaj reports."

How many of your readers will be working in close quarters with microbes? "For most men, the advice is simply keep it clean. If you do, odds are you won't have to worry about microbes in your moustache". For most men, your headline is scaremongering, and seems a desperate attempt to find a vaguely scientific story with a sensational headline to fill your Science section.

Prostate cancer, on the other hand, is a real danger in the general population, with 10% of all cancer-attributable deaths in Canadian men attributable to prostate cancer (Canadian Cancer Society, 2012). That is 11 Canadian men dying every day in 2012 from prostate cancer.

This is irresponsible journalism. Let's give Movember a break, hey? Maybe even some support?

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Zachery Hynes

Prostate Cancer Statistics: http://www.cancer.ca/Canada-wide/About%20cancer/Cancer%20statistics/Stats%20at%20a%20glance/Prostate%20cancer.aspx?sc_lang=en